Oregon, Read This Book

Out of School, but Not Out of Stories: Reading Resources for Kids at Home

Reading daily to children builds skills that lead to literacy.

Reading a book to my small daughters was part of their naptime ritual. They chose two picture books, but I usually mumbled my way through the second story with one eye closed. “Mama!” Eliza would elbow me. “You’re not done!” 

This was before the words COVID or pandemic ever entered our household vocabulary. 

Today, with schools and libraries closed and summer stretching before us, parents and caregivers can help children practice their reading every day at home: 

  • Shauna Tominey, an assistant professor at Oregon State University‚Äôs College of Public Health and Human Sciences and a parenting education specialist, lists these resources and tips for parents at home with children now.
  • The Ford Family Foundation provides books at no charge to residents of Oregon and Siskiyou County, Calif. Sign up, choose a book, and review the book you choose after you receive it. Extra kudos to this generous foundation for providing instructions in English and Spanish.
  • SMART READING in Oregon normally matches volunteer reader with kindergartners and first graders in school to read a book together weekly. For right now, they’ve provided this update with reading and literacy links.  
  • Little Free Libraries are taking pains to provide books – and even food and masks! – that are free and sanitized. Check out this video and find a library near you that’s open 24/7.